Sunday, October 3, 2010

Todays OS Flavor "Pinguy"

I am now in the process of trying out the newest version of Pinguy computer operating system.  Pinguy is built from Ubuntu 10.04LTS with a lot of nice art work and many installed programs.  It is very easy to look at, with good color combinations and graphics.  You can check out Pinguy's web site with quite a selection of screen shots to look it over.  Like Ubuntu, Pinguy is downloaded as an .ISO/DVD file, witch can then be burned into a boot-able DVD.  Also like Ubuntu, you can try it out, as a live DVD, without changing your current system.

Here is the link to Pinguy..

Also, found a nice, (FREE Download) Ubuntu Manual.

Here is a link to the Ubuntu Manual Project..

More to come on Pinguy, after testing.

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