Monday, September 13, 2010

Computer Operating Systems: On the go...

One of the really nice things about Ubuntu, is that it is very portable. (also can apply to other Linux based systems)

Ubuntu can be downloaded from Ubuntu in, Desktop, Netbook or Server Versions. (also 32 or 64 bit systems are supported).  Once you get the file, (.iso) you can can run it as is, in a virtual environment (like virtual box), burn it to a CD/DVD or use Ubuntu's "Startup Disk Creator", to make a auto booting thumb drive (USB).

Most of us will likely just make the CD/DVD.  Once made, you could, if you have Windows up and running, insert your new disk, let it auto start.  It should then give you the option to INSTALL IT INSIDE WINDOWS (wubi installer), or restart your computer, so it can boot right from your CD/DVD.  If done this way, you can choose to, TRY IT OUT (run Ubuntu completely from your disk, without touching your current operating system) or INSTALL IT.  If you choose to try it out, (I believe you should!, See that it works with your devices and the Internet...) you might notice your drive spinning for a while, as it does take a while to load from disk.  Also, know that even though it is quite usable this way, if you do eventually install it, it will run a lot faster.  I believe it loads and runs faster than windows.(once installed)  When you done testing, you can click on the install icon on the desktop, to install or just quit.

If you do the install INSIDE windows, they say you might notice a slight loss in speed.  I did not!  The best part of installing INSIDE windows is  that if you want to remove it, you just go to your windows add/remove programs to remove it. It also returns the hard drive space, it was using.

If you boot from & run from CD/DVD disk or thumb drive, you can carry it from one computer to the next, EVEN IF WINDOWS, FAILS to work & can be used as a tool to get at your files or possibly repair windows.

If you choose to make the USB thumb drive, you must make sure the computer bios is set to boot from USB.  I like this way, because you can easily carry it along with you.  Note: While it may load slightly faster than disk, it is still slow booting, but does not put the wear & tare on you CD/DVD drive.

If you are interested in the virtual environment route, do a search for the same.
I like Sun's VirtualBox, but just use it for testing beta's and the like. (you might not get all the bells & whistles.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Computer Operating Systems: To Free, or Not to Free

Don't fix it, if it isn't broken! * Bigger is Better! * You get what you paid for! * Says it's made for XP! * It came with the computer!
On & on...

Ubuntu 9.04, Desktop 1 of 4

Every one of these thoughts could be true, but when it comes to computers, (In My Opinion=IMO) have a good argument for, "Think Again".

Let's just stand back, think outside the box, and take a closer look at some of these notions.

Docks are all showing, Desktop 1 of 4

"Don't fix it, if it isn't broken!"  Have you noticed any of those commercials on TV, wanting to sell you software to help fix your SLOW or PROBLEMATIC computer?  They are just (in a way) adding to the problem.  What I have noticed, is as time goes on, the virus like threats, become greater & greater.  This means you need more protection & maintenance.  This goes right along with the next one.

Desktop 2 of 4, also called Workspaces

"Bigger is Better!"  Your Computer can only do so many things at a time.  So, the more it has to do, the slower it will get.  This also applies to the new computers being sold at our local retail stores.  New computers are loaded with lots of bloat.  Everything from free trial software to the bulky code of the actual operating system.  Every time we add more software, (ie. like an office package) our hard drive gets fuller & the computer is, (IMO), likely to run slower.

Upper dock is open, Desktop 3 of 4

"You get what you paid for!"  This is one of my favorites.  You can't compare software that's free, against stuff you buy.  We the people, (users) have been programed!!!  The days of unreliable FREE software are over.  (Here I am comparing top notch FREE software, NOT, the beginner programmer stuff.  Note: we all learn to craw, before we learn to walk, so I'm NOT, bashing the less experienced programmers, but the competition does help to improve the quality.

Bottom menu, Desktop 4 of 4

"Says it's made for XP! / It came with the computer!  These days, you can, (if you try) actually buy some computers with a choice of operating systems.  It's true (IMO), that some computer devices will work with some computers and not others.  What's up with that?  Well, if you were a programmer, and wanted to, or was limited to write for only one vendor, who would it be?  It would most likely be the one with the most users, right?

A few open applications, Desktop 2 of 4

OK, It's true.  I am a big fan of Linux.  I prefer the Gnome based Ubuntu.  And really like the extra things that, "THEE MAHN" (programmer/artist) has done to further enhance Ubuntu with his flavor/version called "Ultimate Edition".  Ultimate Edition 2.7 being the current release version, as of this writing. (08/10/2010)  This is based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.  (Long Term Support)

Rotating my desktops, (eye candy)

Also, as far as getting viruses and the like goes, I for one, no longer have to keep looking over my shoulder.  That also goes for the many family & friends that have had me rebuild their computer, to get rid of bugs & viruses and have changed or added Ubuntu to their computer, using it while on-line.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Computer Operating Systems

I'm sure some of us may not even know we have a choice of Computer Operating Systems, other than Mac or PC.  Some of us may have herd of options like Linux, but have no idea of the many FREE Computer Operating Systems they can have.
You could even get a choice at computer start up.  This area is intended provide information I have gathered over the years about Linux and it's subsystems.

(Example:  Shown here is  an older version of Linux Ubuntu that I am running on the laptop I am now using to write this) 

Day One

So here I am.  Looks like I have a lot to learn.  Just another new guy looking to see if this "blog" thing is something that will work for him.

We all have views on many subjects, that never get told.  I'll bet taking the time to do it, has got to be one of the biggest reasons, why not..

Now that I am retired, I have the time part covered.  Next, I will try to learn what it takes to run one.

From here, I will be taking the time to gather input as to how to go about it, as well as how to present it.

Thanks for your time & having a look at it.  Hope to see you again.