Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pinguy vs Ultimate Edition

This is my after testing follow up of the Pinguy OS.
Pinguy OS does make a good first impression, with a clear, nicely organized screen. You could do a lot worst in choosing your OS.  After testing Pinguy on a few computers, both 32 & 64 bit, I found myself wanting more.  While, I would have to agree that it might be an improvement over the stock Ubuntu, I think Pinguy's own goals do fall a little short.  So, I am going to compare between Pinguy and Ultimate Edition.  The reason for this is to address a quote from Pinguy, comparing it to the Ultimate Edition.

"Pinguy OS Goals
The goal is to have out-of -the-box working operating system with intelligent chosen programs that all work and are easy to use.  I don't want to have every program under the sun like Ultimate Edition does, I just want a few well built programs for tasks that most people do.  I don't want to many programs on there that can do the same task.

Most people buy their PC/Laptops with the OS installed and preconfigured.  Not many people install their OS their self and the ones that try usually haven't got a clue what to do afterwards.

What I am trying to do is to have a operating system that works and acts like a preconfigured OS like the ones you get when buying a new PC. that's also very easy to be installed."

Note: Compared versions of Pinguy and Ultimate Edition OS are built from Ubuntu 10.04.
Also, Note:  It is not the intent of this blog to bash Pinguy or any other OS and believe some of the goals of Pinguy OS are great and we do think it is is a very good early offering, expecting improvement over time in future versions.

Most programmers would like to say their program is easy to use...
This is a very difficult task.  Once you already know how to do something, it is no longer difficult.

What I would like to see improvements on...
   Clean desktop, Pinguy no-longer lets you auto hide your Docky's.
   While "conky" is newish, it would be nice to have it auto configure (e.g. number of cores & weather) or have a wizard asking you the required information.
Changing your screen res, seems to kill conky 
I found the cpu usage disagreeing with the core info, because it defaults to 2 cores.
Remastersys is a great program and I believe Pinguy used it to make his distro.
I don't think he should hide it in the menu system, though.
If you use multiple work areas, with different wallpapers, you may notice the animation from one to the next is gone. (mine just flickers to the next page)
So, I find it more difficult, if not impossible to tune some personal preferences. 

The Ultimate Edition has been around for some time getting better with each version!
1: The Ultimate Edition has too many programs...
   Well, if you are going to put it on a DVD any way, why not try to fill it up?
    Todays hard drives have more than enough room and you don't seem to get that, add a program, slowdown as with windows.
2: Out-of-the-box working operating system...
   In My Opinion(IMO), the Ultimate Edition is second to none, when it comes to READY TO GO!  (IMO it just works & with bells on!)
3: Most people don't install their own OS or have a clue what to do afterwards...
   There are many skill levels for any job.  I wonder why the Internet slows down when ever there is a major OS distro.  Can't be from people smart enough to install a new OS.  It can also be a good excuse to buy a new computer.
4:The OS you buy...
   Windows has regular bug fixes/updates and even apple is not perfect, so the goal is good, but every OS can have problems.

In coclusion...
Pinguy is on it's way to being a very good OS.
Ultimate Edition has had more time to get to where it is now, IMO the best OS money can't buy! (FREE!)
A review of Ultimate Edition, as viewed by me would be far too large to include in this comparison, but will come in a future blog.

A link to Pinguy's GOALS: Pinguy OS released and Review included

A link to: Pinguy OS Downloads

A link to: Ultimate Edition Re-defining the Ultimate operating system…  

The new releases coming out of Ubuntu & other Linux based Operating Systems hold many new ideas...
I recommend researching & trying things that interest you, especially the ones you can try as a live CD/DVD/Thumb Drive.  That way you can play with little or no risk of harming or over writing your current OS.

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